Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday night preparations

The night before the car survivor competition I have spent my time preparing for the trials and tribulations I will be facing over the next week. I will enter a car with 4 other competitors vying for the rights to proclaim themselves "Car Survivor Akron 2011" and win a 1996 Lexus ES with ~185,000 miles on it. The car is valued at $4,000 which is more money than I would make working over the entire summer, so I feel that giving up a week or two of work will be well worth it especially considering I have the full support of my boss and co-workers in this venture.

I have my laptop ready along with my Droid 2 to keep me occupied for however long I am imprisoned within the metal prison. I have been told by Akron Aeros officials that the Wi-Fi where we will be staying at is spotty at best but I will be able to access the internet with my computer through my phone. I hope I am the only one among us to have this available allowing me to keep myself busy and occupied for a longer period of time before growing frustrated out of boredom. Along with this I have basic toiletries, protein bars, baby wipes and changes of clothing.

I have spent the last few days getting my body prepped to handle the 6 hours breaks in between bathroom access and I am fully prepared to sit in the car for up to two weeks. With the possible winnings from this contest I plan on being able to use the money I saved up for a new car to pay off some student debt, get back in school and finish off my B.S. in Physics.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my chances and I know my body and limits well. I contain a high threshold for the uncomfortable and monotonous along with being easily entertained. I look forward to crowning myself Akron's #1 Car Survivor of 2011!


  1. Good Luck Matt! I'll send you some trade offers to keep you busy. Make us proud Bud!

    Ken Holak
    NOBL Phillies

  2. Good luck ... bring a cigarette lighter adapter to charge your phone. Mine goes dead after an hour or so when I tether it.

    Also, why change cloths? The more you are offensive, the sooner the other guys will bail.

  3. Good luck Matt! Remember, Pork n' Beans are your key to victory.

    NOBL Expos

  4. fashion tells us that stinky guy is gone! Yay for you guys!

  5. Go Ma-att! Go Ma-att! Go Ma-att!

  6. Thanks for all of the support guys! I am doing well!