Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Second Day In The Car

As of the second day within the 1996 Lexus ES 300 we are finally down to 3 out of the original 5 contestants. Left with us are me (Matt Morgan), Anthony Martini, and Alex Paul. This morning our first guy quit at about 9:30 AM with Victor Allen exiting the car due to an ailing knee injury and at approximately 6:30 PM Willie Huddleston left the car due to fear of a headache and earache combination leading to some pain that he was worried about.

Now that we are down to 3 people we have plenty of space to ourselves after the initial 24 hours, this will definitely help extend the length of this competition and hopefully make it more entertaining for those following us.

The first night I didn't really sleep well because of the fact that I started in the back seat which would contain 3 people when the car is the full with 5. So I was squished between a 275 lb mountain of man in Willie Huddleston and 180 lb Anthony Martini. Being in the middle seat of a normal sedan between these two guys definitely was a test of my mental toughness and fortitude. So tonight I really look forward to getting a great nights sleep along with relaxing and watching some movies to help pass the time. Mainly, I want to thank my girlfriend Michelle Luscre and her family for being such a strong beam of support for me throughout this whole competition. She has been down here for hours every day along with bringing me food and just sitting next to me to provide emotional support. So thanks Michelle. :)

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